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Life changing, inspirational, not-for-profit tours for teams, individuals and academic institutions which impact football development and education in malawi, africa. ASCENT Soccer Tours supports and raises funds for ascent soocer, Malawi's most forward-thinking soccer academy. 

ascent Tours - Changing the game for some of the world’s poorest children through shared experience and travel.

Ascent Tours have been introducing students to Africa through sport (mainly football and netball) since 2011, broadening horizons and deepening understanding among all who have visited. Ascent Tours passionately believes sport is the best way to engage with and experience other cultures. 

Join one of these life-changing trips enjoying sport, safari, natural beauty, incredible cultural exchange and full immersion in the friendliest country in Africa, Malawi.

Tours are open to all players of any ability, and both female and male players are welcome. 

Any questions feel free to email: or click the button below.

Social Impact

Ascent Soccer tours are not for profit, with all money made going directly into the operation of Ascent, Malawi's most forward thinking football academy.
In addition to this, the tour donates kit to teams and schools in rural, poverty stricken areas as well as provides much excitement to local communities through tour matches. The tour does good on a number of levels whilst interacting with the local communities in a genuinely mutually beneficial way.
Ascent Tours are exciting, eye opening, enjoyable and surprising, whilst supporting a great cause. A real win-win.

George Maguire, Speaking at AFEX in 2013 - Johannesburg

George Maguire, Speaking at AFEX in 2013 - Johannesburg

A Personal Message From Ascent Soccer Founder, George Maguire

On the travel section of you will find information about the most exciting and adventurous football tours ever, deep into the warm heart of Africa, Malawi. These holidays are for adventurous footballers, wanting something more than lying on a beach for a week out of a holiday. You’re going to have to be up for it, ready to experience Africa and wanting a holiday off the beaten track. 

You will tour an amazing, beautiful and inspiring country in the heart of Africa playing a series of matches that you will never forget. The Ascent Team have put together a unique tour, packed with as much action as you want and as much tranquility as you can absorb and the special privilege of mixing with Malawians – the most warm hearted people in Africa. It will be a cracking holiday, a great tour and a real life changing experience. 

Unlike other commercially based tours, money raised supports football development in Malawi through Ascent Soccer as well as the many communities we engage with through the tours.

Malawi is a truly inspirational country. For all the videos and photos I can show you it is impossible to communicate just how alive and vibrant it is, in a uniquely African way.


I do hope you will join us to experience how it feels to be in the heart of 500 children celebrating with us when we score or to meet many of the unforgettable characters the tour interacts with. Memories to last a life time. 

Africa awaits!

George Maguire  
Ascent Soccer