Academy Philosophy

Values and culture

·       Respect - yourself, others and property of all

·       Trust - Our belief and faith will lead to success

·       Positive - Think, act and be positive

·       Integrity - Honest with ourselves and others

·       Humility - Being modest in everything we do

·       Self-awareness - Know your strengths and weaknesses, be disciplined  

·       Growth mindset - Always learning, embracing challenge

·       Passion - For achievement and to give back

·       Team - More important than any one player

·       Winning – do your best to succeed but not at the expense of your values

·       Initiative – making the most of situations and opportunities

·       Social – able to form and maintain positive relationships with range of stakeholders

·       Communicators – actively supporting their team vocally

Football Philosophy

Style of play characteristics

·       Adaptable to play in a range of formations

·       Play the ball out from defence in a systematic way

·       Attacking

·       Dominant in 1v1 situations

·       Creativity in all positions

·       Quick passing tempo

·       Playing in 1 or 2 touches

·       Create numerical advantages in all areas

·       Hold positions

With the ball

·       Draw defenders in to free up players

·       Midfield and attacking players play behind the defensive lines

·       Full backs play high

·       Defensive midfielder plays behind the ball line

·       Play inside-outside-inside or inside-inside

·       Attack the defensive gaps

Off the ball

·       Quick transition

·       Compactness (8-12m distance between players)

·       Protect the middle of the pitch

·       Press on triggers-bad touch, negative touch, near the side line, bad pass

Positional Profile

Goal Keepers:

·       Good reflexes and reactions

·       Good communicator

·       Good with feet

·       Good at judging aerial balls

·       Tall

Central Defenders:

·       Strong in 1v1 duals

·       Good speed and agility

·       Plays quick and easy passes

·       Good positioning in relevance to the ball

·       Can play close to opposition

·       Good aerial ability

·       Communicators

Full Backs:

·       Quick on and off the ball

·       Good aerobic and anaerobic endurance

·       Participates in attack in the final 3rd

·       Strong in 1v1 duals

·       Hard worker

·       Can play close to opposition

Defensive Midfielders:

·       Good positioning in function of team balance

·       Plays quick

·       Changes the point of attack

·       Supports the player on the ball

·       Disciplined in their positioning

·       Play through 360

Attacking Midfielders:

·       Able to play in tight spaces

·       Quick thinkers

·       Technically good with both feet

·       Scoring ability

·       Able to play a variation of passes

·       Good endurance


·       Quick and agile

·       Confident in 1v1 situations

·       Creative

·       Good crosser

·       Scoring ability


·       Scoring ability

·       Technically good at striking the ball with both feet

·       Good movement to get behind defensive line

·       Good in the air

·       Strong/fast