First Graduate - Zobran Elias

Ascent player Zobran Elias, became the first player to graduate the Academy in August 2018 by heading to the USA on a full Athlete Scholarship to play and study at Indian Mountain School in Connecticut. This story made national news in July 2018 and you can meet Zobran in the video in this page.

In October 2018 Zobran spoke at the Yale Club of New York as part of a Ascent Soccer event.

Zobran Elias receiving Mountain Card at Indian Mountain School - April 2019

Zobran has excelled in every aspect of life in boarding school. His academic and soccer performance has been inspiring and his character and behavior exemplary. This was recognized by the school in bestowing on him the highest student award, the ‘Mountain Card’. Head of School, Jody Sodja described Zobran as having “an unfailing moral compass that guides his every action. He is determined and only seems to grow stronger after set-backs and he exudes empathy, kindness, compassion and respect everywhere he goes both on and off the field.”

Taft School, Connecticut

Taft School, Connecticut

As a result Zobran received a number of full scholarship offers for the next three years of high school from boarding schools across New England. Zobran was honored to receive the Davis Scholarship to attend Taft School, Connecticut until 2022. This prestigious award at an incredible academic institution also supports Zobran beyond high school with a significant contribution towards four years of college tuition. This again made the national news in Malawi - click here to read the article.

Zobran continues to inspire and represent Malawi and the other players at Ascent Soccer.